5 Ways to Survive a Primal Presidency (with pictures)

1. Take a nature’s walk. This will keep you away from news media distractions, and calm you down. TIP: keep your phone on silent for the best experience.

2. Pretend you are a snail, pull back into your shell and walk slow to stay positive, away from the silliness of a leader neither willing nor able to denounce senseless acts of violence against fellow citizens just because they look different. 

3. Do one positive thing every day, for someone you have never known. An act of kindness towards strangers is the best known way to bring internal peace!

4. Have a calm, open minded conversation with someone you know opposes you for opposing an appalling politics.

5. And lastly, dig out that one special dream you always wanted to live once everything else was set, and rock it with a zeal more than ever before. For the times are never going to be so hostile, yet so challenging at the same time!

Good luck 🙂


A Normal Life


As adults, we have forgotten most of our childhood, not only its contents but its flavor; as (wo)men of the world, we hardly know of the existence of the inner world: we barely remember our dreams, and make little sense of them when we do; as for our bodies, we retain just sufficient pro-prioceptive sensations to coordinate our movements and to ensure the minimal requirements for biosocial survival – to register fatigue, signals for food, sex, defecation, sleep; beyond that, little or nothing.

– R. D. Laing. The Politics of Experience.

Autumn. 4 Micro Tales.


he will catch

the crimson red

that melts away

from the serene green

and the saffron autumn

that wells up your eyes

daddy’s coming

my lil one

don’t cry


one little butterfly



leaf to leaf


‘grandma: you were right!

i’ve found the heaven you sing of,

and there’s no end in sight!’


trembling hands

sew pretty leaves

on short summer gowns

every few stitches

they steal a long sniff

in a basement in Dhaka

dreaming of the autumn

and the ageing mom

in the village back home


butterflies lined up

behind the sad girl


at his begging:

the boy

on his knees,

as autumn

was about

to start …

‘aim for her belly,

please…  steal her heart?’

#SelfieWithDaughter. Gimmick or Reform?


Some call this a #staterun #mediamachine.

I call it a noble initiative, that sparks questions and thoughts no one dared ask before to #KhaapPanchayats and the likes. There are and will always be #naysayers. Don’t care. It is an effort worth appreciation and support. (To be clear, I am not a blind follower of any one political faction.)


Just a continuing thought #DearPM #श्रीमान #नरेन्द्रमोदी: imagine one Rupee gets deducted per such selfie message/data-packet/instagram charge from the mobile carrier profits. And that amount reduces tax liability for the carrier company, and goes to girl child protection and enrichment programs. Furthermore, these funds could be used to get internet and computing to far more hands, creating a viral effect.

It will never be perfect (think about the population whose last worry is not a front facing camera’s settings, but how far they will have to walk to get water), but this immense movement can then start to truly empower borderline (lower) middle class, way beyond any marketing gimmick can. At the same time corporations will get a chance to show that they do not just care about profits.


Picture: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3111521/Drought-hit-Indian-village-men-marry-women-just-fetch-water-family.html

Are you ready?


Can you hear it …another fulfilling year rumbling by?

Turn the fallen dry leaves on your path out today …

Can you see the quietly shared smiles, the mischievous winks, the terrible teas, the half baked yet resolute dreams?

Can you hear the uninhibited laughter of a toddler; the gratitude in the bow of that person you had let walk out of your turn?

Can you feel the warmth of an untold commitment in your partner’s hug; in their unconditional surrender, knowing very well you will make a mistake; in the eyes of that waiting staff, having received an unexpected tip?

Can you taste them: the bitterness, the kicks, the exploding sweetness, the surprises?

Under these decaying leaves, are treasures; of seemingly ordinary, but extraordinarily life-altering experiences. They have passed, but not before enhancing your senses, preparing you for the exotic experiences that are coming next… year, month, or second.

Are you ready?:-)