5 Ways to Survive a Primal Presidency (with pictures)

1. Take a nature’s walk. This will keep you away from news media distractions, and calm you down. TIP: keep your phone on silent for the best experience.

2. Pretend you are a snail, pull back into your shell and walk slow to stay positive, away from the silliness of a leader neither willing nor able to denounce senseless acts of violence against fellow citizens just because they look different. 

3. Do one positive thing every day, for someone you have never known. An act of kindness towards strangers is the best known way to bring internal peace!

4. Have a calm, open minded conversation with someone you know opposes you for opposing an appalling politics.

5. And lastly, dig out that one special dream you always wanted to live once everything else was set, and rock it with a zeal more than ever before. For the times are never going to be so hostile, yet so challenging at the same time!

Good luck 🙂


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