The Death of Common Sense.

The Death of Common Sense.

I am sure you are aware of the recent incidents that led to the arrest and interrogation of an Indian IFS official posted in Islamabad for espionage.

My first reaction was: Oh God. Not again. Don’t they get paid pretty well already?

On the second day of reporting, I was telling myself: Ok. She is naive, and we caught her just in time. No big secrets compromised. Not a big deal.

But today, as I am reading about the ‘real’ reasons, I cannot believe but bite my toes off! She did that for WHAT? TO GET BACK AT HER SENIORS?? She frikkin compromised national security to avenge her colleagues??

What else would you call that except the death of common sense? Or perhaps we are the ones who lack common wit and she really is smart enough to have done a big harm, and now knows how to avoid a life sentence?

But it just doesn’t stop there, you see. Our intelligence was so darn smart they broke the identity of a senior RAW official posted at the same commission. And not only that, THEY DID IT JUST THE DAY BEFORE premiers of India and Pakistan were about to meet for bilateral talks.

You go guys!

Don’t get me wrong. I am plenty patriotic. But cases like these make you wonder if we have the controls in right hands.

May God bless our motherland. Jai Hind!qg9OpIylTKA



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