Movie Review Take Out. 2004. Mandarin.

[Movie Review] Take Out. 2004. Mandarin.

Take+Out.jpg Ever watched yourself gasp as they gut your soul and walk away from you? Ever felt like that fish that is hooked out, but thrown back into the waters with a hole in it’s heart?

Take out will take you there.

The 9 hours that you live with Ming Ding, as you become him, you will never want to live that way again. Every passing minute that Ming is on his run-down bicycle, you’d wish is the last one. It’s a story to get inspired from. It’s a story to fight with, and for. It’s a story to learn to persevere in adversity.
Oh how Ming becomes your hero from a common home delivery guy. He doesn’t speak much. But his eyes do. His soaked feet do. His hurting bones do. And his bike’s paddles do.

Take Out

In one day, the director makes you live one full life-time of hope, fear, courage, strong-will, and death of a soul.

Beware. It’s not a feel good movie. The end message is not a glamorous one. However, it will take you closer to appreciating what you have. Hopefully, then, you will not complain much about the life that you have, that HDTV that you couldn’t buy, the boat that you can’t afford, and that expensive party you couldn’t throw.

Watch it. It will give you a perspective into what life means to some of us.

I rate it 4.9/5.0.



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