Movie Review Funny Games. 2007. German.

[Movie Review] Funny Games. 2007. German.

Contrary to people who have been swearing that this is the most terrifying movie they ever saw, I found Funny Games to be quite funny!

First of all, NetFlix guys cheated. They show details of the English remake of the original German movie with Naomi Watts, but the online track actually plays the German one. Shame on them for this bait’n’switch trick!

And now to the movie itself. For originality, I wouldn’t rate the movie high at all. It is a bad twist in the arm of a well scripted horror flick. The only problem is, it gets very predictable after a few scenes, and that’s exactly when you start wondering why you started watching it.

Comic horror, torture, psycho-depiction, senseless gore: I watched it all…only in hope for one thing.. JUST ONE THING that would blow my brains away.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen. And all I can remember from the movie now is the kid.

I would highly recommend AGAINST watching this one. My rating: 1.0/5/0. ( I wish I could go even lower. Perhaps I will!).



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