Movie Review Dare Mo Shiranai (Nobody Knows). Japanese. 2004-05.

[Movie Review] Dare Mo Shiranai (Nobody Knows). Japanese. 2004-05.

Dare Mo Shiranai (Nobody Knows – 2005) is a dagger that will slice right through your heart. I fell in love with the kids – Yuki, Shigeru, Kyoko, Saki, and Akira. Half way through the movie I was living with them, chuckling as Akira finds a torn ball and Shigeru saves his noodle soup to put rice in and savor alone when everyone else is done.

Yuki is a sweetheart that just locks your eyes onto hers from the very first scene. Her saving the Apollo candies and chewing them only one at a time shows extraordinary circumstantial wisdom. I wish I could change the course of their li ves, esp. since it is inspired by a real incident. What kind of weakling leaves their kids to die??

Loved it. 4.8/5.0.



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