Getting the “Nikon” vivid colors from a Canon 40D

Getting the “Nikon” vivid colors from a Canon 40D


If you read my previous post on getting vivid colors out of Canon 50D images using Canon picture style editor, you may be interested in this post too.

I have created a lightroom template file, which tries to vividify the greens/blues/yellows in a Canon 40D landscape image just like a Nikon D90 result.

Here are a few samples:

Updated 02/20/2010. I get many emails every week asking for my custom picture styles, and how to upload them to your camera. Here are the answers:

[1] If you are interested in a copy of the picture styles that you can import to your Canon 50d camera, download them from this link. No catch here, its available for free. I am a big proponent of the “free resources for all” policy:-)

[2] Check this link for how to upload a custom picture style to your Canon camera, provided yo ur model supports it. If it doesnt support it, you can still apply picture styles after you download pictures to your computer.



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